Thirty Years of Legal Service

Founded in 1992, the Public Interest Practicum (PIP) delivers legal research, advice, and referrals on a variety of civil legal questions for people who lack access to other legal services.



Legal Advice

Delivering research and limited scope advice on a variety of civil legal questions to help people understand and solve their legal problems.

Educational Resource

Completing service projects to educate the community about their legal rights.

Real-World Practice

Providing law students practical experience through working with clients and learning about equal access to justice.

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Students with the Public Interest Practicum

The Public Interest Practicum (PIP) is a three-credit course on public interest law and policy that provides students with the opportunity to give legal advice to low-income clients who lack access to other legal services. Students work in project groups to visit with clients at diverse locations in Athens, including: homeless shelters, meal centers, counseling clinics, and other community  centers. Students also help phone clients from across Georgia.

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